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Scott Covalt

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Dec. 31, 2014

About Us

About the Global Carbon Co-op

The Global Carbon Co-Op is a business owned and controlled by the members who use its services. By working together, members can reach various objectives that would be unattainable if acting alone. The Global Carbon Co-Op was developed to provide its members the conduit through in which Leading, Like-minded and Goal-oriented Innovators, Scientists, Engineers, Investors, Executives, News Organizations and Carbon Industry Representatives can interact efficiently and productively within the Global Carbon Community.

The purpose of the Global Carbon Co-Op is to provide greater benefits to the members such as increasing income or enhancing a member's situation by providing important needed products and services.

The Global Carbon Co-Op website leverages the power and reach of the Internet to allow individuals, educators and representatives of private, public and not-for-profit organizations anywhere in the world access to a full range of online information related to the Carbon Industry and related fields.

a.            The Global Carbon Co-Op provides its members access to public and private news articles, video, webcasts, conferences, events, and live newscasts of major scientific events and breakthroughs in technology.

b.            The Co-Op is an online think-tank for compiling information and resources for the development of standardized and globally accepted protocols and methodologies for carbon credit generation via the study of scientific data and industry practices related to carbon.

c.            Commentary and articles from highly regarded professionals representing the world's leaders in current technologies, policies, politics and markets are contributed by members and other sources daily.

d.            Members have access to global trends, costs and real time developments.

e.            The Global Carbon Co-Op provides resources for the development of Project Fund Raising, Engineering, Design Considerations and community programs related to creation and sale of carbon credits/offsets.

f.            Members can create and/or participate in chat, blog and other discussion forums with leadin scientists and innovators in a variety of fields related to the Carbon Industry.

. Different levels of Global Carbon Co-Op website content and services are available and segmented by membership type. For example, Corporate members, in addition to basic website functions, have exclusive access to technical publications, industry related Blogs and other proprietary information related to their respective fields; Individual members have limited access to this information but can participate in all other aspects of the site.


Additional Benefits to Co-Op Members

Global Carbon Co-Op Marketing Activities

The Global Carbon Co-Op improves bargaining power by combining the volume of Co-Op members to assist in leveraging their position when dealing with other businesses. When needed or desired by cooperative members, the Global Carbon Co-Op can assist in reducing costs through volume purchasing resulting in reduced pricing of needed products, supplies and services.

Through access to international carbon markets, Global Carbon Co-Op broadens market opportunities for its member's products and services. Membership value is added to products and services by providing a broader market than what an individual member could achieve independently. This is accomplished via advertising, co-branded web pages and through sales directly marketed through


Global Carbon Co-Op provides easily accessible information to members for research and development of target markets as well as providing the process for the improvement of member products and services,


Purchasing Products & Services

a. Global Carbon Co-Op is able to obtain products or services at discounts that may otherwise be financially unattainable to members. Providing low-cost solutions for products and services increases income to Co-Op members and their businesses.


Member Voting and Use of Member Dues

a. Corporate Members of the Global Carbon Co-Op have a single voting "right' granting to them the ability to vote and direct a percentage of membership dues to financially enable a myriad of highly focused projects, advertising, lobby groups and other interests related to the Carbon Industry.


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