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October 26, 2014
MicroBio's Algae Raceway™ package includes 0.5, 3.5 and 33 m2 ponds

MicroBio’s Algae Raceway™ package includes 0.5, 3.5 and 33 m2 ponds. Click on photo to enlarge.

MicroBio Engineering, Inc., of San Luis Obispo, California, has introduced a full suite of open pond microalgae growth systems designed for quick deployment of research- and pilot-scale microalgae production. The Algae Raceway™ package paddle wheel mixed ponds are perfect for growing all types of microalgae and produce algal biomass ideal for product testing. It fills a clear need by many research and commercial firms world-wide, now expanding their activities in this field, for well-engineered and scalable small to intermediate size algae raceway ponds.

MicroBio Engineering, a full-service engineering firm founded in 2005 by Dr. John Benemann and Dr. Tryg Lundquist, developed the Algae Raceway™ package based on their combined extensive experience with microalgae production.

“MicroBio Engineering and its founders already have one of the longest histories of consulting and engineering services in the industry. We are now expanding our company by providing equipment solutions for researchers and programs around the world looking to start piloting algae cultivation,” said Ian Woertz, COO of MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

RW3.5 installation at Delhi, CA

RW3.5 installation at Delhi, CA

“Our raceways ponds are designed with full scale production in mind,” said Woertz. “Transparent paddle wheels, center dividers, and turning vanes reduce shading to mimic the areal productivity of larger raceway algae ponds.”

An automated control and data logging system built for the cloud is included with the raceways. The web-based interface allows users to operate and monitor their equipment remotely via phone, tablet, or laptop. Other features include state of the art paddlewheels with pinch point protection, elevated raceways for easy culture transfers and dilutions by gravity, marine-grade materials, and maintenance-free washdown gear motors.

For more information visit MicroBioEngineering.com/products.

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