Benefits of being a Co-op Member
Hear and Be Heard!

Our Members are provided Unique Networking Features and Value-Added Services which are easy to use and give each Member a true advantage in their respective areas of interest.

Networking Features

  • Carbon Industry Articles


            Peruse general, current articles on various technologies about and within the Carbon Industry.

  • Carbon Industry Videos

             Peruse general, current  Videos on various technologies about and within the Carbon Industry.

  • Co-branded Website
    Each Member is provided with a Professional Networking Platform within the Co-op Website where Member information is shared and your unique profile can be built and promoted.
  • Co-op Voting Rights (Click here to learn more!)
    Individual, Corporate and International Members all have the right to vote and self-direct a portion of their paid Member Dues towards various interests including Science, Technology, Education, Stewardship Programs, Political Interests, Member Submitted Projects and many others.
  • Member Articles
    Members are encouraged to submit Articles by uploading or sharing their own publications as well as existing articles they want to share with the world. This is a great tool to make your thoughts, ideas and passions available to the public while marketing your company, product or service as well.
  • Member Video
    Members can share or link to existing or Member Created Videos by uploading from their Member Center Panel or even those found while surfing the internet.
  • Project Showcase
    Members can submit their completed or “in-process” projects on the Co-op Website in order to showcase the project or seek funding opportunities from Co-op Finance Affiliates and other Co-op Members.
  • Employee Access
    Corporate Members are given the ability to create profiles for Employees and Employees can manage contact information, photos, and pertinent information; including Employee Insurance and others.
  • Direct Messaging/Email
    All Members can Direct Message other Members and can send and receive Email.
  • Member Groups
    Members can form Groups related to the Carbon Industry. The Groups are organized according to a wide range of categories related to the Carbon Industry (i.e., Farming, Ranching, Engineering, Protocols, Carbon Credits, etc.).
  • Member Blogs
    Members can create and administer a Co-op Website based blog and register as “followers” on other member’s blogs.
  • Calendar of Events
    Each Member has access to their own Member Calendar where the Member can schedule meetings, conferences and many other daily activities and then post these activities to the Co-op Calendar of Events.
  • Job Posting/Search
    Corporate Members can post open positions in their Member Site and positions are searchable in the Co-op Member Job Postings pages where they are categorized and searchable to all Co-op Members.
  • Video Conference Capabilities
    Members have access to safe and secure video conferencing in order to better communicate with other Members, friends, co-workers and clients.
  • Member Tracking/Statistics
    Corporate Member Access to see who is accessing data and when.