Definition of Projects


PROJECTS  The “Project” section of the Global Carbon Co-op is designed to showcase superior projects in agriculture, industry, environment and land management that have been created to manage carbon emissions, sequester carbon and/or generate energy and efficiently improve operations of factories, and other carbon emitting industries.

  • Many of the projects showcased are eligible for carbon offsets.
  • Many of the projects showcased are seeking funding and/or other resources.

You will see investors, corporations, governments, educational institutions, scientists, engineers, developers, workers and the general public throughout the world work together in multiple ways to dream, design, develop, monetize, construct, and ultimately show the world what they are capable of.

These projects benefit the Carbon Industry and the Global Population through a collaboration of efforts. These efforts are the work of hundreds and thousands of hours to create a new generation of thinkers and do-ers!

The following are a few examples of the types of projects developed and submitted by Members of the Global Carbon Co-op for the benefit of the world.


  • Rangeland & Grassland: Carbon sequestration through improved grazing management or through protection from development.
  • Farmland:  Carbon sequestration through the use of conservation tillage methods and emissions reductions through fertilizer management projects.
  • Carbon Capture: Projects that capture carbon emissions and sequester them through deep well injection, enhanced oil recovery and others.
  • Methane Production: Projects that manage carbon emissions from livestock, dairy, and swine operations.
  • Bio-Energy Production: Projects that generate energy and fuels from biodegradable sources.