What is Global Carbon Co-Op

What is the Global Carbon Co-op?


 The Global Carbon Co-op is a US Non-Profit Association that allows Membership to Companies and Individuals within the US as well as around the world. Our Members have the ability to utilize the power of the internet to participate in a Global “Professional Network” and online “Think-Tank” for the International Carbon Industry.

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The Co-op website is the conduit in which leading like-minded and goal-oriented Innovators, Scientists, Engineers, Investors, Agriculture Professionals, Environmentalists, Educators, Media, Carbon Industry Representatives, Corporations and the general public can interact efficiently and productively to facilitate communication, collaboration, and cooperation within the Global Carbon Community.

This is where the world comes:

  • To find unbiased research and relevant news.
  • To share leading-edge technology and sound science.
  • To collaborate and contribute.
  • To hear and be heard.
  • To act.
  • “This is where the power of the Internet joins the power of you!”

 Paul Jensen – Onetribe

  •  “This is where the power of the Internet joins the power of you!”

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